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The Club for People Who Truly Love LA

Hey, its Stefan...
You might have found us on Instagram, or our blog or podcast but no matter how you did, we know you probably love LA! But like everything else there are levels to this. 

We wanted to create an extra special exclusive community for people who truly love to explore this amazing city and what it has to offer. 

If that is you, join us in the LA Hackers Club, meet your fellow LA Hackers, and get access to exclusive hacks, meetups, invites & deals .


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Why explore all these amazing things you learn about in LA by yourself?  When you join the LA Hackers Club you will get exclusive invites to special events just for you and your fellow club members!

Frequently Asked Questions

Is this Club for Influencers Only?
Absolutely not! While we do have many LA influencers as members and do lots of our communication on Instagram, the club is open to anyone who loves LA and wants to explore it with other fun positive people. We don't care if you have zero followers or 100k followers. 

What is the cost?
The cost of the membership is only $5 a month. We will be raising the price in the future. The more people that are added the more it costs for a text service and managing the group. As the club grows the price will go up but your monthly membership should stay the same as an OG member. 

What Kind of Meetups Should I Expect?
We will be trying to do at least 1 club meetup a month. For most we will have some special deal or add on that you couldn't get at the experience normally. Some of the events will have an extra cost and some will be free. We will have a mix of kid/family friendly and adult only events. For some you should be able to bring a +1 who is not a club member, while others will be strictly members only. Many of our events are preregistration on Eventbrite and if its a ticketed event each person will need to have reserved a ticket. 

Right Now You Have Two Choices

Option #1

Don't join and continue to miss out on all the amazing things this city has to offer and wish you had a like minded group of people to hang out and explore it with. 

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Join today and get access to the best suggestions for every weekend by text. AND meet and hang out with the most amazing people doing fun things in LA together!
We love sharing the best of Los Angeles with as many people as we can. But we've always known that we also wanted to build a special "inner circle" community of people who are not only cool and fun to hang out with, but love to hack LA on another level

Honestly this group is not for everyone; some people don't have the passionate about exploring Los Angeles that we have. But we absolutely love this city and all it has to offer and we love meeting and hanging out with other people who do to. If that sounds like you than this is probably the club for you!

You will get our best weekend suggestions texted directly to your phone every Friday, exclusive access to special events, invites and giveaways but best of all meet and hang out with your fellow LA Hackers in person. If 'you're one of us' I cant wait to meet and hack LA together!


Stefan - LifeHacksLA

What Club Members Are Saying

Media - I've had a blast getting to know other people who love LA just as much as I do! 
Lena - We always have a great time with our meetups and everyone is so positive and fun to be with! 
Key - The great thing about the LA Hackers Club is you are exploring different things in Los Angeles and its always unique

We Hack LA Events Together!


Cliftons Meetup

At this meetup we were given a PRIVATE tour of the historic Clifton's Republic Downtown before they opened. We were then given our own space inside their spectacular speakeasy Pacific Seas! 

2021 Meetups

Here is a highlight of some of the meetups we had in 2021. We try to mix them up. Some are members only. Some you can bring a guest. Some are adults only while others are kid friendly.  Also some have additional cost while others do not. We try to make all of them unique and fun! -  All Rights Reserved @ 2021 
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